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You ask, we answer!

Q: How do I register my VinGardeValise® warranty?

Submit the online warranty form, or email info@flywithwine.ca with your name, email address, mailing address, and suitcase serial number.

Q: How do I locate the serial number on my suitcase?

To find the serial number on your suitcase, complete the following steps on the side of the suitcase without the telescoping handle: Remove the top piece of protective foam

  • Un-zip and open the fabric liner
  • Un-buckle and open the straps
  • Remove the interior protective foam cover
  • Remove the foam wine bottle inserts
  • Remove the bottom protective foam layer
  • Carefully un-zip the bottom fabric liner

Your serial number is located on the bottom of the white sticker adhered to the interior side of the suitcase.

If you cannot locate the serial number, or if the suitcase was a gift, please reach out to us at info@flywithwine.ca.

Q: Does the VinGardeValise® come with wine bottle inserts?

Absolutely! This is what makes the VinGardeValise® so unique. Inserts for up to 12 bottles of wine are included with the Grande; up to 8 bottles in the Petite.

Q: Are the inserts removable?

Yes! The inserts are removable. If you’re only packing a few bottles of wine, you can remove the remaining inserts and pack personal belongings.

Q: Does the VinGardeValise® hold any other types of bottles other than wine?

Yes! Additional inserts for 750ml XL, magnums, wine glasses, and spirits can be purchased at FlyWithWine.ca.

Q: Do magnum inserts fit in both suitcase sizes?

Magnum, 750ml XL, and DIY inserts fit in the 8 and 12-Bottle suitcases. The wine glass inserts only fit in the Grande 12-Bottle suitcase.

Q: How many colors does the VinGardeValise® wine suitcase come in?

As of January 2021: Grande 12-Bottle: Burgundy, Silver, Black | Petite 8-Bottle: Burgundy, Silver, Black | Piccolo: Black

Q: How much does the VinGardeValise® weigh, empty and full?

Empty, the Grande 12-Bottle suitcase weighs approximately 12.5 lbs. Filled with 12 standard 750ml bottles, it weighs approximately 43 - 50 lbs. The Petite 8-Bottle suitcase weighs approximately 10 lbs empty and approximately 30-38 lbs full.

Q: Can you take wine in and out of the country?

Generally, yes. We recommend checking with your airline and the country of origin and destination as guidelines vary.

Q: How do I reset my lock?

There is a blue tag attached to the handle of all new suitcases with instructions for setting your lock. If you no longer have that tag, please visit travelsentry.org for more information.

Q: What are delivery options to the tasting room?

Same-day delivery is available for Kelowna, Lake Country & West Kelowna wineries that place orders by noon, Monday - Friday.

Return Inquiries 

  • IMPORTANT: Do not ship a product back to our fulfillment center without first initiating a return inquiry with our fulfillment team by using one of the methods listed below.
  • Please provide a written description and photos of the issue when submitting your inquiry.

Contact Info:

Email: info@flywithwine.ca
Phone: 250 862-4570

Mailing Address:

FlyWithWine Fulfillment Center
2487 Tallus Ridge Dr.,West kelowna, BC V4T3A6

Damaged/Defective Product Replacement

  • If the product you purchased arrives defective, damaged, or showing signs of previous use, we will issue a replacement at no cost to you.
  • FlyWithWine will provide a return label.
  • The provided return label must be used within 7 days, after which the label is no longer valid.
  • FlyWithWine will send a replacement product via the same shipping method used on the initial order.
  • The product will be eligible for replacement only, no refunds.

New Product Return

Returns are accepted for items in new, unused condition only, within 7 days of delivery. Restocking fees may apply (see section below).

There are two options for returning your items:

Things to Remember:

  • Products should be packed safely in order to avoid damage during transit.
  • You are liable for the product until it is received by our fulfillment center.

Restocking Fees

Restocking fees will apply under the following conditions:

  • Product comes back to us damaged
  • Product is unclean or shows signs of use
  • Product is no longer in its original packaging
  • Products no longer have their original factory settings - Example: the lock of the suitcase should be set back to 0-0-0
  • Product was returned outside the 7-day return window - Delivery date will be based on the provided tracking number or the in person pickup date. Returns outside the 7-day return window will only be accepted at FlyWithWine’s own discretion.
  • Parts or accessories are missing from the return shipment
  • Customized products will be subject to a 50% restocking fee.